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The all-in-one
SIM card


Constrained by the need for miniaturization, cell phone and smartphone manufacturers are launching products which can accommodate different sized SIM cards. This can be a problem for users, who may be forced to change card when they change device.

We have therefore designed a MultiSIM card – the first card to incorporate all the different sizes. Adopted by more than 200 of our mobile network operator clients, it provides them a solution with higher value-added, while offering savings on logistics costs.


  • A card which adapts to the format required by the phone
  • Three formats: standard (2FF), micro-SIM (3FF) and nano-SIM (4FF)


  • Greater simplicity for end-users, with a card which can be used in any device
  • Greater value-add for mobile operators, with a unique format able to increase the value of the card, optimize stock management and point-of-sale distribution and offer savings on logistics costs

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