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Connected objects are now part of our everyday lives. Accessing real-time traffic information from your car’s dashboard, checking your energy consumption via a smart meter or sharing sporting performances directly from your connected watch – these new practices are only possible if a secure connection is available around the world. How can billions of objects be connected without first knowing the country in which they will be distributed and ensuring the continuity of their connection throughout their life-cycle, wherever they may move? This is the challenge now faced by all players in the connected objects market, from mobile operators to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

M-CONNECT_contentAt OT, with M-Connect and DakOTa eUICC (a SIM whose subscription can be updated remotely), we are offering a turnkey solution perfectly tailored to the requirements of the Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things markets, as well as to the standards of the GSMA (global mobile operators’ association).

M-Connect allows operators to remotely allocate their mobile subscriptions to connected objects when they are first commissioned, deactivate them at the end of the contract or change from one subscription to another (e.g. to avoid roaming).

Meanwhile M-Connect allows OEMs to avoid having to choose the mobile network associated with their connected object in advance, therefore simplifying their production as well as all the associated distribution logistics. If necessary, M-Connect also offers them the flexibility to change mobile partner during the life-cycle of their objects.

M-Connect is therefore completely adaptable to our clients’ various ecosystems and business models and now allows the end customer to benefit from all the opportunities offered by the world of connected objects.



  • A secure remote management platform of mobile subscriptions for connected objects
  • A SIM which subscription can be updated remotely
  • A solution administered from our data centers to ensure optimum security of operators’ credentials



  • Possibility of changing operator at any time throughout the object’s life-span
  • Reduction in roaming costs
  • International production and distribution logistics free of any connectivity constraints

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