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Secure mobile services

Smartphones now represent a real gateway into the mobility sector. More than a simple telecommunications tool, they can be used to make purchases, identify their user and store personal data. Manufacturers are therefore facing new security challenges and need to adopt integrated solutions to remain competitive and innovative.

PEARL_contentAt OT, we have designed an embedded Secure Element (eSE): PEARL by OTTM. This multi-application element, the most advanced on the market, gives our clients around the world the ability to produce more efficient telephones and connected objects (optimized memory, wide range of NFC applications, fast interface, etc.), which are more secure in terms of the device as well as its connection to the Cloud. PEARL by OTTM has been certified by major payment actors including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and China UnionPay.

This technology also offers our clients the possibility of rolling out mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) applications to small businesses such as taxis or mobile food trucks. PEARL by OTTM transforms smartphones into fully-fledged mobile payment terminals.

OT also provides its clients with the platform, allowing them to offer their partners dedicated and secure access to install and manage their applications throughout the eSE’s life-cycle. Thanks to PEARL by OTTM, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) therefore have access to a large ecosystem of service providers, including the 1,200 major banking players and transport operators from large cities around the world who put their faith in OT.

PEARL by OTTM provides end-users with a means of strong authentication (using biometrics for example) as well as the benefit of numerous secure mobile services (contactless payment, transport, access control, etc.).



  • A hardware security element embedded in the smartphone
  • NFC compatible
  • Secure, remote management



  • More secure telephones, allowing payments as safe as with a bank card
  • Multi-application solutions: payment, transport, etc.
  • Possibility of rolling out mPOS applications

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