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Prevent forgery of identity documents

Individuals on the move regularly need to identify themselves to public authorities using their identity card, driving license or social security card. Every year, however, thousands of fraudulent identity documents are illegally used to cross borders, buy weapons, transfer money or embezzle medication.

LASINK_contentTechnologies used by fraudsters are constantly improving: the hologram which was so far the unique means to protect a picture is massively counterfeited and a simple printer can today forge an identity photo and pass authentication tests used by police.

OT, an expert in mobility, has developed the LASINK solution to combat forgery of identity card photos and give our clients the necessary means to strengthen border identity checks and protection of citizens.

Built on OT’s exclusive and patented technology, LASINK allows the document holder’s picture to be engraved directly into the card while, for the first time, combining the robustness of a polycarbonate card and the quality of a color picture. The document is extremely hard-wearing, with a life span of more than 10 years.

LASINK is a unique, complete and ready-to-use solution. It offers the advantage of easy roll-out for rapid installation in regional government offices, embassies and consulates around the world. The solution also allows industrialized production with significant returns.


  • A unique laser printing technology in color
  • The very precise combination of production procedures and personalization of the card



  • A card with a tamper-proof color picture
  • A life span of more than 10 years
  • A card body free of removable laminate
  • Easier identity checks

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