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Fight online fraudThe card which breaks the mold

In a context of constant mobility, individuals are changing their consumption habits. The traditional act of purchasing in a point of sale now competes with e-commerce, m-commerce, showrooming, etc., although bank cards remain consumers’ preferred payment method. Bank fraud has therefore naturally evolved and now mainly concerns online payments to e-commerce sites.

MOTION CODE At OT, our priority is to constantly adapt to these changes and offer payment solutions which ensure maximum security while guaranteeing optimum user-friendliness for the end customer.

In a world exclusive, in May 2015 OT announced experimentation on a new standard of payment card using a dynamic security code: OT MOTION CODE™. This three-digit code located on the back of the card near the signature panel is used to confirm an online payment. It now changes every hour thanks to cutting-edge technology allowing an e-paper display, NFC antenna and mini-battery to be inserted within the thickness of the card. In the event of theft, the bank data therefore quickly becomes unusable.

OT is offering its clients an innovative and comprehensive solution that is transparent and totally integrated, from production of the card to installation of authentication servers for banks.



  • A payment card incorporating a display
  • A security code which changes every hour
  • A secure, integrated solution that is easy to implement



  • A totally secure means of payment for online purchases
  • A means of payment which does not change user behavior or the user-friendliness of e-commerce sites
  • Greater value-add and greater confidence for banks
  • Reduction in costs and risks linked to fraud

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