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Connected cars are shaping the mobility of the future. Car manufacturers seek to continually enhance the driver and passenger experience. Embedded connectivity now allows them to proactively and safely offer telematic services for maintenance and remote diagnostic as well as assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown. voiture connecte¦ü It also enables new value-added services improving the driver experience, such as real-time traffic information, remotely-controlled locking and unlocking of the vehicle, among others. Furthermore, it is gradually becoming mandatory to comply with regulations aimed at improving the effectiveness of emergency systems. This is already the case in Russia where, since January 2015, all new vehicles must be equipped with a terminal compatible with the ERA-GLONASS system, the equivalent of the future eCall service in Europe (112).

One of the challenges lies in the ability to connect to mobile networks in different countries and regions around the world when designing vehicles and automotive equipment for the international market. OT’s DIM® DakOTa Auto is an eUICC designed specifically to respond to the connectivity needs of the automotive industry and its constraints in terms of robustness. Compatible with OT’s M-Connect solution, it allows vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of telematic services to remotely manage subscriptions securely throughout the lifecycle of vehicles.

DIM® DakOTa Auto is also multi-profile, allowing local and automatic switching from one subscription profile used for manufacturer-specific services to another subscription profile dedicated to the emergency call service.

With DIM® DakOTa Auto, OT is offering car makers and equipment suppliers such as manufacturers of Telematic Control Units (TCUs) a card complying with GSMA specifications and interoperability standards, which has also been approved by GLONASS UNION, the supplier of the first national emergency response system.



  • A robust eUICC to withstand demanding vehicle conditions
  • Remote and secure management of subscription profiles with the M-Connect solution
  • The ability to combine several profiles on a single card


  • The flexibility to choose the most suitable mobile partner throughout the lifecycle of vehicles
  • No connectivity-related constraints during the production and international distribution of vehicles
  • Easy implementation of emergency call services in parallel with other services

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