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Secure mobile payments

The payments industry has never been as complex and fragmented. The numerous solutions available around the world have now been added to by the arrival of new players, new media and new technologies.

UCP_contentBanks currently have an opportunity to reinvent e-money. Whether by adding payment functions to their own mobile apps, installing a payment function in a third-party app, forming partnerships with smartphone manufacturers and mobile operators, or implementing digital wallet solutions, they can now make their mobile services available on a large scale.

Whatever the solution adopted, the security of users’ personal data is a prerequisite. This can be assured by a physical element built into the device (eSE or SIM) or via a software security arsenal supported, for instance, by tokenization, particularly for payment services using the Cloud (HCE or Host Card Emulation). Finally, hybrid solutions exist, segregating applications logic and security data.

In light of the wide array of technological choices and the various options available to banks in terms of approach, OT is offering them and payment schemes a unique platform for issuing, securing and managing digital payment instruments. The Digital Payment Enablement (DPE) provides a comprehensive and pragmatic response to rapid technological changes while offering users secure payment methods across all mobile and digital channels.



  • A complete and scalable solution
  • Compatible with all technologies and all media
  • For all web and mobile channels



  • A smoother and more stress-free user experience
  • A unique digital payments management platform for banks
  • Maximum security whatever the payment option adopted

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