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OT pays special attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)…

…a key area which, along with the company’s performance and expertise, allows us to maintain the long-term trust of our clients, our shareholders and the 6,500 men and women employed by the company across five continents.

In 2006, OT became a signatory to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The voluntary decision to sign up to these principles, which are inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and embrace the values of respect for labor law, preservation of the environment and combating corruption, illustrates OT’s desire to commit to sustainable development and steers our approach year after year.

Since 2007, OT has published a complete annual CSR report presenting the various impacts of the practices and policies adopted by the company and its suppliers. This report lists the best practices we draw on to move forward.

In all countries and regions in which we operate, we respect environmental regulatory standards and aim to reduce our environmental footprint year on year. In close co-operation with its supply chain OT is committed to ensuring the environmental and ethical integrity of its products. OT’s regional Hubs are certified with the ISO14001 label and 25 OT sites are ISO 9001 certified.

OT acknowledges labor rights, and in addition to meeting all regulatory labor obligations, has established policies addressing the freedom of association, the elimination of forced and child labor, the abolition of discrimination and the promotion of diversity. OT is committed to providing a safe, fair, rewarding, and dynamic workplace, helping the company to attract, train, promote and retain the very best people.

For several years the Oberthur Learning Academy (OLA) has promoted training (on and offline) for our employees, ensuring that they keep in step with technological developments and the production methods used for our products. An online platform has been specially developed for our new employees: Onboarding@Oberthur.

To comply with all applicable laws and in accordance with its pledge to the Ten Principles, OT has developed compliance procedures with respect to fraud prevention, anti-corruption, money laundering and economic sanctions. OT’s Group Code of Conduct provides a common ethical framework applicable to everyone at OT regardless of his or her individual role, position or entity, for use in OT’s day-to-day business activities.

We are more convinced than ever that focusing on our social, environmental and ethical objectives will enable us to improve our performance and create long-term value.



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