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OT, a world leader in embedded digital security that protects you when you connect, authenticate or pay.

Our world is now a world of permanent, uninterrupted connections. In one way or another, objects, machines and people are now connected to digital networks on a daily basis, whether for work, leisure, travel, shopping or administrative formalities.

With the volume of connections growing constantly, these connections are also becoming more than ever vulnerable to ill-intentioned attacks around the world. As a consequence, this digital and connected world is experiencing an increasing number of attacks, whose target is expanding from computers, email systems, payment cards, game consoles and online payments towards cars, household equipment and the many other connected objects under threat.

While this epidemic of security threats calls for greater protection in our digital lives through enhanced security systems, the challenge posed by these threats is significant, since digital connections are often carried out wirelessly and on the move. To be effective, we need to incorporate security systems within the connected objects and the equipment themselves. The security effort must no longer be simply in the Cloud, but also in our identity documents, our payment cards, our smartphones, our vehicles and all the other everyday connected objects.

OT’s mission today is to provide responses to all these situations of connected mobility by designing end-to-end security solutions our clients can roll out and manage remotely, ensuring that end-users enjoy the full benefits of mobility and guarantee them a stress-free experience each time they connect, authenticate or pay. And we do this for a huge portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, authorities and governments, as well as manufacturers of connected objects and equipment.

No player in the industry can currently claim such strong experience and wide-ranging expertise as OT. This is what our employees demonstrate on a daily basis to our clients.

Didier Lamouche, Chief Executive Officer

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