OT’s Cosmo RSA v5 EMV Platform Earns D-PAS Certification for Use in Discover Global Network

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space and the leading global supplier of EMV chip card products and services, today announced that Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) has provided D-PAS certification to OT’s Cosmo RSA v5, for use throughout the Discover Global Network, which includes Discover, Diners Club International, PULSE and global network relationships.

D-PAS is the name of the EMV implementation of Discover Financial Services, a member of EMVCo. OT’s new D-PAS product was developed on OT’s Cosmo RSA v5 platform, compliant with Global Platform and JavacardTM specifications. It is capable of supporting dynamic data authentication (DDA) and is widely recognized for its security and reliability. It is also certified by all international schemes members of EMVCo as well as numerous domestic payment networks.

“The OT Cosmo RSA v5 D-PAS, which meets the global security standard to eliminate fraud, will help increase protection for card members throughout the Discover Global Network with an increased protection against counterfeiting, identity theft, skimming and other card-present fraud,”

said Eric Duforest, Payment Business Unit Managing Director at Oberthur Technologies.

“We applaud Discover for prioritizing global EMV deployment through its streamlined D-PAS certification and we are happy to enable secure chip card payments.”

“OT’s D-PAS certification helps extend Cosmo’s international reach. Discover is excited about the new opportunity to expand our existing arrangement with OT to their EMV customers,”

said Troy Bernard, Director and Head of Advanced Payments at Discover.

OT has successfully led more than 250 banks through migration to EMV, has provided EMV cards to 80 percent of the top issuers in the U.S. and delivered more than 1.5 billion EMV cards worldwide. EMV is a global interoperability standard that embeds a computer chip into each card to store the cardholder’s account details and create a unique, encrypted code for each transaction.

Cosmo RSA v5 D-PAS is available for immediate deployment.

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