OT PEARL eSE equips the new nubia Z7 to enable China UnionPay mobile payment service

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, today announced that PEARL, its embedded Secure Element has been selected by nubia, the premium brand of ZTE, to enable China UnionPay’s (CUP) mobile payment service in its newly released smartphone, nubia Z7.

Secure and convenient mobile payment is one of the most significant features of nubia’s new smartphone nubia Z7. Users do not need to change or add any hardware; they can directly download their CUP banking card Over-The-Air onto OT’s embedded Secure Element resident in the nubia Z7. Users can then pay with their smartphone, simply by waving it above any of the 3 million contactless payment terminals in China. It is secure, fast and very convenient.

China UnionPay is an organization regrouping 175 banks and financial institutions in China and nubia is a major manufacturer of smartphones with 60 Mu planned to be delivered in 2014.

“We are delighted to announce that PEARL by OT®, our embedded Secure Element is selected to enable mobile payment in nubia Z7”

said Cédric Collomb, Managing Director of the Telecom Business Unit at OT.

“We are pleased to offer to OEM the largest multi-scheme certified eSE on the market including Over-The-Air banking activation capabilities. PEARL turns the state-of-the-art nubia’s Z7 handset into the payment device of the future”.

“Our nubia Z7 is the first smartphone with eSE for China UnionPay mobile payment service and we are happy to work with OT, an expert in contactless technologies and digital security”

said Ni Fei, CEO of nubia brand.

“OT’s PEARL was the most suitable embedded Secure Element to meet our needs in order to offer to our customers a mobile payment solution which is robust, well-proven and efficient”.

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