OT offers high-speed network access to Sprint’s subscribers in the United States

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, today announced that it has been selected to offer high-speed network access to Sprint’s subscribers in the United States thanks to its LTE¹ Discovery SIM card.

OT’s LTE Discovery SIM card plays a key role in delivering a complete, secure, and hands-free over-the-air activation of subscribers’ devices after purchase from Sprint. The security applications on the LTE SIM card ensure that the device is paired and connected to Sprint’s network and that it can be deactivated if it is stolen or lost.

In addition, thanks to OT’s LTE Discovery SIM card, Sprint’s subscribers benefit from low network latency, in other words an “always-on” user experience. They also experience a high-speed connection for high-quality video telephony, multimedia streaming and picture/video uploading. End-users therefore enjoy a continuity of service with the best possible Quality of Service, wherever they are.

The multi-application feature of OT’s Discovery LTE SIM card is becoming critical. It contains all the necessary applications to authenticate and manage roaming on all networks: USIM for LTE and 3G, CSIM for CDMA, EAP for Wi-Fi and ISIM for the secured access to value added services. Additional operator files contained in the SIM card will command the handset to roam intelligently according to pre-defined roaming agreements or network type preferences.

Thanks to this advanced SIM card, mobile operators can better manage their network and optimize resources, either by re-using existing networks, by balancing data or by choosing the network that reduces their cost.

Furthermore, Oberthur Technologies will supply a full line of UICC solutions for applications across the broad spectrum of Sprint’s device portfolio.

“We are delighted to provide Sprint with our LTE Discovery SIM cards which allow Sprint to offer its ubiquitous services to the end-user through the most efficient network”

said Cédric Collomb, Managing Director of the Telecom Business Unit at OT.

“Our LTE Discovery product range, which is one of the most advanced in the market, demonstrates OT’s capability to support operators in their evolution to a broadband world”.

“We have selected OT to supply its LTE SIM cards thanks to its strong and well-established industry reputation and its agility in meeting our requirements”

said Ryan Sullivan, Vice president of Product Engineering and Development at Sprint.

“Our aim is to offer the best user experience to our subscribers and a high-speed network is essential for them to access their content, anywhere, at any time. OT’s comprehensive product family offers solutions that will fit our complete line of device applications now, and in the future.”

¹ LTE: Long Term Evolution – refers to fourth generation (4G) of mobile telephony standards.

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