OT-Morpho achieves GSMA security accreditation for eSIM subscription management for the IoT & Automotive markets


OT-Morpho, a world leader in digital security and identification technologies, has successfully achieved the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme certification (SAS-SM) for its eSIM subscription management solution (SM-SR and SM-DP*) for the IoT (Internet of Things) & Automotive markets at its data centers both in Europe and in the United States. OT-Morpho thus becomes the first player in the industry to have obtained this accreditation on both continents.

This accreditation for the IoT & Automotive markets comes on top of the one already received by OT-Morpho European data center for the consumer space and of the SAS UP v7.0 certification previously obtained by OT-Morpho European manufacturing facility in France for the production of DakOTa eSIM.

With these across-the-board eSIM security certifications, OT-Morpho confirms its commitment to protect the integrity and confidentiality of mobile operators’ credentials for the remote management of subscription profiles both in the consumer devices and M2M spaces.

Seamless management of cellular connectivity is one of the cornerstones for the large-scale deployment of IoT applications in many industrial verticals such as automotive, smart homes, smart cities, industry 4.0, smart health, etc. Thanks to OT-Morpho’s eSIM subscription management solution, mobile operators can answer the global connectivity needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in all of these verticals without any compromise on security.

“As they look for even more flexible connectivity management solutions, it is critical for our OEM customers in the IoT & Automotive markets to be able to rely on a partner that is fully trusted by MNOs, as we are,” said Viken Gazarian, OT-Morpho, Deputy Managing Director of Connected Device Makers business, OT.

* Subscription Management Data Preparation and Subscription Management Secure Routing



 OT-Morpho is a world leader in digital security & identification technologies with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, commute, travel and even vote in ways that are now possible in a connected world.

As our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles converge, OT-Morpho stands precisely at that crossroads to leverage the best in security and identity technologies and offer customized solutions to a wide range of international clients from key industries, including Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT.

With close to €3bn in revenues and more than 14,000 employees, OT-Morpho is the result of the merger between OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) completed in 31 May 2017. Temporarily designated by the name “OT-Morpho”, the new company will unveil its new name in September of this year.

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