OT extends its wearables offer with a new contactless payment sticker

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space today announced the launch of a new contactless Visa and MasterCard-approved payment sticker from its Flybuy wearables range.

Payment Wearables are “extensions” of dual interface cards, which customers can carry with them all the time. On this market segment, OT was the pioneer with the first sticker six years ago, followed by keyfobs and wristbands and now OT tags on-board other devices such as fitness bands or smartwatches. This new Flybuy sticker is therefore a new member of this growing device family that brings ubiquity and convenience to customers.

We consider our mobile phone as an extension of ourselves. Wherever we go we keep it with us. For those who do not have NFC-compatible phones, OT offers a Visa and MasterCard-approved payment sticker, bringing ease of use, security and convenience. It can be pasted onto any mobile phone to convert it into a payment support and is fully secured as it relies on EMV technology. End-users just have to wave their phone in front of a contactless terminal to make a fast and convenient payment. OT also provides issuers and their customers with a guide of recommended sticker locations for the most common handsets (top, bottom, vertical, horizontal, etc.).

OT’s contactless payment sticker targets various stakeholders of the payment ecosystem and is already deployed by a variety of customers such as banks, prepaid issuers and MNOs (launching companion cards to mobile wallets). This sticker can also host transport applications.

“As the leader on the payment sticker market, we are delighted to offer this new contactless payment sticker which is approved by Visa and MasterCard. This is one of OT’s ultimate wearable solutions offering flexibility to end-users who do not have NFC-compatible phones”

said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Payment Business Unit at OT.

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