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Software and I.T. developments are at the heart of OT’s R&D strategy.

Our extensive technological expertise makes us a leader in our industry for the deployment of large-scale, mission-critical digital security solutions.


Innovation is key

OT’s R&D employees work in 12 strategically located centers around the world, notably in the United States, the Philippines, Poland, France, Indonesia, Republic of Korea and China. Almost 700 employees work tirelessly to produce new encryption algorithms, software and security applications embedded in all types of connected and mobile devices, as well as services platforms allowing our customers to provide high value-added offers. Our researchers also provide their software expertise to OT’s personalization sites and are as well involved in defining production processes.



Within two OT Labs, our four business units share common R&D resources, but also have R&D teams dedicated to addressing specific needs in relation to solutions developed for their respective markets. The OT Labs combine resources devoted to the effective development of components embedded in products (the Embedded Software Factory) and experts specializing in I.T. platforms, ready to deploy flexible and scalable projects (the Platform Software Factory).

In addition, a dedicated unit, the Digital Platform Incubator (DPI), gathers resources aiming at anticipating market needs and designing digital payment, connectivity and secure access & data digital platforms.

Solutions developed by OT bring together all the necessary software and hardware resources to ensure the security and proper functioning of our offers designed to connect, authenticate and pay.


Always on

To better address the challenges faced by our customers, as well as their own end customers, we also have highly-secure data centers located in Europe, the United States and Asia. Connected via a network which was entirely upgraded in 2014, they ensure the uninterrupted and permanent functioning of all our services and platforms.

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