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Authentication of individuals is fundamental, whether they are paying, communicating, exchanging information, working or traveling.

Customization of our hardware and software solutions is one of the most important objectives for an actor such as OT. It allows our customers to rapidly supply end-users with bank cards, identity documents, SIM cards and mobile payment solutions that are perfectly configured with their personal data.

We therefore have the largest network of personalization centers worldwide to respond to the needs of all our customers within the timescales required using our CPS (Common Personalization System), the only integrated personalization system in the world.

CPS offers our customers the complete management of personalization services for our products and solutions and offers an industrial solution in line with the requirements of national and international standards for the personalization of payment means, identity documents, as well as products and solutions designed for mobile operators. Our CPS platform also incorporates numerous functionalities providing our customers with unique monitoring of services as well as innovative options for packaging, electronic distribution of PIN codes, use of personalized design, etc. OT has an extensive network of 39 personalization centers.

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