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OT’s production capacities are now concentrated in 4 Hubs around the world

in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia & Middle Aast taking into account that our Middle Aast & Asia hub is supported by two local satellites in India and Dubai.

OT therefore stays in close proximity to all its international clients and retains the flexibility required to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our hubs bring together the necessary expertise in OT’s numerous areas of activity including payment, telecommunications and identity. Our teams work on a daily basis to anticipate market needs while ensuring responsiveness in line with the requirements of each of our clients. Improving our services, for example in terms of quality and production lead time, remains our constant priority.

Furthermore, our production tool has been designed to allow us to address the entire value chain. From design to manufacture, we offer a complete and multidisciplinary expertise which marks us out from our competitors. This operational excellence and our unique know-how are recognized by payment actors like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as China UnionPay, which regularly certify our production Hubs.

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