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Securing technologies enabling mobility

OT has established itself among the leading actors on the market of mobile operators by positioning itself in high value-added products, services and solutions. We work with more than 400 mobile network operators around the world, including 8 out of the top 10.

With the explosion in the number of smartphones around the world, the progressive roll-out of mobile broadband and the future arrival of 5G, as well as the growth in the Internet of Things, mobile network operators have a key role to play in the mobility ecosystem. They must now be able to offer exemplary levels of network availability and quality, in order to guarantee perfect continuity of the user experience, while ensuring the optimum security of all data exchanged.

To achieve this, OT is ready at all times to deliver high-quality SIMs, solutions and services to ensure this network availability and the continuity of all incoming and outgoing connections, whether professional or personal. For example, 4G SIM cards and OT’s latest generation OTA platform help mobile operators have their SIM always up-to-date, simplify their operations and customize their SIM to address new markets. OT also allows them to offer their customers value-added services such as mobile financial services.

Finally, OT allows operators to harness new growth opportunities linked to the Internet of Things, by remotely managing user subscriptions on mobile networks.

Our role is now to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to all our mobile operator clients, to accelerate their development while placing data security at the heart of their deployments.

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