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Securing Payment Diversity

OT is an undisputed leader in payment security services and solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions. Present around the world, we have 1,250 clients including the most prestigious banking institutions.

In a rapidly growing payment sector, that is also more regulated, more complex and more fragmented, OT has always been able to innovate to offer solutions and services responding to the needs of all end-users.

We permanently monitor the market and make the most of technological innovations to respond to new needs and behaviors, from online payment to mobile payment, NFC, biometrics, etc. To do this, we offer banks comprehensive, turnkey solutions which are easy to implement, manage and market.

Our OT MOTION CODETM product, for example, aims to revolutionize online payment on a long-term basis. The first deployed payment card incorporating a dynamic security code, it ensures the security of transactions carried out via the Internet. At a time when 65% of fraud relates to online payments, OT is offering the market an ultra-secure, simple to use and easy to implement solution.

From rolling out the EMV standard around the world to new mobile payment solutions, our role now involves combining maximum security against fraud for all transactions with solutions that are easy to use for consumers.

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