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Securing the world of Internet of things

OT has expertise in a range of complementary areas (leader in the market of Embedded Secure Elements or eSEs, references in the automotive sector, etc.) which allows us to develop comprehensive and personalized solutions for our clients. These ensure objects’ permanent authentication and connectivity to different networks, even remotely. Our solutions also ensure the security of the confidential data exchanged, as well as its storage and analysis in compliance with applicable regulations.

PEARL by OT® is a perfect example of OT’s skills in terms of securing mobile services and is the most advanced embedded secure element on the market. It offers a range of applications (contactless payment, strong authentication, access to transport, etc.) and offers unrivaled memory capacity. It has already been incorporated into numerous new generation smartphones currently on the market.

OT’s daily objective is to allow manufacturers of connected objects and service providers to develop their business by guaranteeing their products’ adaptability around the world, and ensuring the integrity of the data exchanged.

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