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Securing mobile citizens’ identity

OT is a key player in the identity market with more than 100 references. We ensure both the management of digital identities, the protection of citizens’ personal and professional data as well as their secure access to the world of mobility.

To respond to changing behaviors and effectively address the needs of our clients (governments, companies and increasingly citizens themselves), OT designs and delivers turnkey solutions ranging from the production of a wide range of (e-)identity documents, to innovations relating to encryption and biometrics, and to the implementation of secure strategies for the digitization of sensitive documents and for physical and logical access control.

For instance, with LASINK™ technology, OT is the first company in the world able to offer unfalsifiable identity documents allowing authorities to immediately and easily control their authenticity. In addition to this new breakthrough, LASINKTM offers issuers an unfalsifiable color photograph of the holder thanks to its unique polycarbonate laser personalization process. This technology is already available for identity cards, passports and driving licenses.

Our role is now to facilitate long-term mobility by combating fraud and allowing effective identity checks, particularly at borders, thanks to reliable and personalized documents.

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