Massive adoption of MultiSIM cards: OT has already provided 40 million units to more than 90 customers worldwide

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, today announces massive adoption of its MultiSIM cards with 40 million units provided to more than 90 customers worldwide.

MultiSIM combines all the form factors on one single, easy-to-use card. It dramatically improves the user-friendliness of the SIM card. Concretely, the same SIM card can be used in any mobile phone. If end-users want to change from one form factor to another, they do not need to ask their operator for a new SIM card, but can just deplug or replug their MultiSIM. Thus, end-users can easily use the SIM card body as an adaptor for any existing handset.

Prior to MultiSIM, mobile operators had to maintain several stocks, one for each form factor. OT’s MultiSIM enables operators to make important savings as it helps them to rationalize their logistics as well as improve flexibility and efficiency at warehouses and point-of-sales.

“Oi was the first Brazilian carrier to launch the MultiSIM / triple cut product in Brazil, a unique initiative that confirms the company’s strategy to meet the mobility and dynamism of younger generations, and ensure full service and innovative telecommunications more economically and freedom and convenience for its customers. So we chose OT, which had the most suitable product for our needs”,

says Roberto Guenzburger, Director of Mobility Products at Oi.

AIS, mobile operator in Thailand, promotes MULTISIZE SIM innovation as a single SIM, convenient to use with any brand of smartphone or tablet thanks to its adjustable size (regular SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM). Customers can adjust the size of the SIM to fit the device. It can be used easily without wasting time to change the SIM.

Maik Friedrich, Manager O T S Management (Orders, Transactions & SIM-Cards), B2C – Devices, SIM-Cards & Logistics, Telefónica Germany, stated:

“The MultiSIM allows us to simplify our logistics and reduce our inventory. The development of a 3-in-1-solution for the SIM and the decision to distribute it in all channels simplify the life of our customers and meet the strategy of Telefónica Germany as well as the strategy of Telefónica Group. It is also the foundation for further innovations to come.”

“We are delighted by this massive adoption of our MultiSIM card. Delivering 40 million units to more than 90 customers worldwide is undeniable evidence that our SIM card is a breakthrough in the Telecom market”

said Fabien Jautard, Head of Business Line at OT.

OT showcases its MultiSIM at Mobile World Congress (Stand 6I30 – Hall 6) in Barcelona from March 2 to 5 2015.

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