EMV 101: Where do we go from here? - Oberthur Technologies EMV

EMV 101:
Where do we go from here?

EMV 101:
Where do we go from here?

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Where do we go from here?
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Oberthur Technologies’ Vice President of Field Marketing North America, Philip Andreae discusses the basics of EMV, how we got here, and what’s next for the United States.

Topics Covered:

Who is Oberthur Technologies?

EMV – The Standard for Card Present Payment Security

The Business Context of EMV

EMV – A Dialogue between the Card and the Terminal

EMV Integrates an Integrated Circuit into Each Card

Durbin Amendment – In Context

EMV – Driven by Cryptography Processes

Philip Andreae

Vice President, Field Marketing, Payment,
North America at Oberthur Technologies

At Oberthur Technologies, Philip Andreae, Vice President, Field Marketing, Payment, North America, provides clients an in-depth understanding of EMV and what it takes to introduce EMV in the U.S. He supports all of Oberthur Technologies’ EMV business development efforts and compliments and further expands and defines the company’s EMV offer in order to meet new requirements merging in the U.S. Over the last 20+ years, Philip has been actively involved in the payment industry and the evolution of EMV. While at Europay International, he was the executive responsible for driving the creation of the consortium that developed the EMV specification. Philip is a frequent speaker at events around the globe, is often quoted in various media outlets and has co-authored numerous white-papers, all on EMV related topics.

Philip is also the Secretary of the Board of the FIDO Alliance.

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