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Top 10 EMV Migration Tips

The EMV fraud liability shift has finally arrived in the United States, which means it’s no longer a question as to when your business should migrate to chip card technology. It’s now a matter of how you make the shift, and who you trust to navigate you through the migration process.


chip-card-readyOT started growing U.S. roots in 1996, and completed the very first major U.S. chip card migration in 2011. Oberthur also provided chip cards to 8 out of the top 10 United States financial institutions. We are the #1 provider of chip card migration in the United States and a leader in the chip card industry worldwide!


Throughout the past 20 years, Oberthur Technologies (OT) has developed a full and complete understanding of the systems, processes and human resources that are vital to the successful completion of every migration. You can rest assured, choosing Oberthur for your migration will be a simple process handled by a team of experts.


Oberthur has amassed a rich bed of knowledge over the past 2 decades, and we’d like to share our experiences. Download our “Top 10 Migration Tips” for the essential information you need now that the liability shift is here. If you have not yet started, or are at the beginning stages of a migration plan, this is the resource for you.


Have questions? Check out our online resource at “Ask OT” or feel free to contact our Senior Vice President of Sales, Financial Services Institutions, James Sufrin at 215.266.3237 or



Top 10 Migration Tips

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