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Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts that will address the questions of Why, When, Who, What and How as they relate to the EMV chip card migration in the United States. Tweet using the hashtag #AskOT if you have questions for our experts. Or submit your question to Ask OT here.


Some American companies find that converting to EMV chip cards presents a complex set of challenges, while others think it’s as simple as ordering cards. Most fall somewhere in between.


Whatever spot your company occupies on that spectrum, the transition to EMV affects nearly every member of your organization, starting at the top. Even the chairman and members of the executive committee are finding they have some explaining to do when a friend or spouse questions that little gold or silver “thing” in the face of a new payments card.


Those executives can say with authority that the computer chip embedded in a card did not materialize from thin air. Most of the payments industry and much of the retailing sector have been busy helping make EMV a reality in the United States. They’re acquiring or improving technology, updating business processes and adjusting risk management procedures – all the while bearing in mind the reality that EMV changes the nature of card payments.


More specifically, issuers are procuring the new cards and delivering them to their cardholders. Terminal makers and providers of point-of-sale equipment are making sure their equipment is EMV-enabled. Software vendors are writing code to make that equipment work with EMV. Card processors are testing and certifying terminals, POS systems, gateways and processing platforms to ensure they interface properly. Acquirers are explaining EMV to their merchants and making the necessary hardware and software available. Merchants are converting their checkout lanes and training sales associates to deal with the new cards. Sales associates are briefing consumers on using them. Consumers are discovering a new way of paying and perhaps they’ll even realize the novel experience is safer.


Everyone involved is finding there’s no simple formula for implementing EMV. It requires the efforts of nearly every individual in your organization, and it takes teamwork with the network of partners you’ve established over the years to support your credit and debit card operations.


As one of your strategic partners, Oberthur Technologies is committed to helping you complete this journey. Your company can reap the benefits of our 20 years of experience, honed during our initial EMV implementation in the United Kingdom and polished in our bureaus in 40 countries around the globe.


OT’s people understand the complexity of EMV, and OT’s factories efficiently and effectively integrate computers into plastic cards. We’ve been doing it across the globe and here in the USA for years. OT’s sales and support personnel know what you need to do to make the change to EMV. We also realize that every company’s unique and that every company must pursue a somewhat different path to EMV.


The challenges will prove worthwhile. The EMV specification uses complex technology to adapt to the ever-changing card security threats that could otherwise undermine our society. Cyber terrorists, cyber criminals and cyber hobbyists are struggling to penetrate the payments system. EMV and the evolving secure hardware and technology it sits in assures you and your partners that new cards cannot be counterfeited.



Philip-AndreaePhilip Andreae, Vice President, Field Marketing, Payment, North America at Oberthur Technologies


At Oberthur Technologies, Philip Andreae, Vice President, Field Marketing, Financial Services Institutions, North America, provides clients an in-depth understanding of EMV and what it takes to introduce EMV in the U.S. Over the last 20-plus years, Philip has been actively involved in the payment industry including driving the creation of the consortium that developed the EMV specification.


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