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With Oberthur Technologies’ Smart PIN solution, end-users can receive their PIN (Personal Identification Number) instantly through SMS, Internet, Mobile App, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Users will be able to select their own PIN with the added benefit of a more secure, more efficient, greener, and more cost-effective solution to a traditional paper PIN mailer.

  • Deployed easily with no additional IT infrastructure for the issuer
  • Developed in line with VISA AND Mastercard guidelines

Download Product Information for Smart PIN Specifications


This solution allows bank customers to choose their own artwork for their EMV payment card. They can either choose an image from a gallery or they can even use their own photo! Customers thereby can have a unique card.

  • User-friendly web interface to upload a personal photo or select on from a gallery
  • Easy integration to any website
  • Photo gallery management and artwork validation by customer teams
  • Artwork printing done in Oberthur Technologies‘ card personalization centers

Download Product Information for Smart OneCard Specifications


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