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Connectivity is more than ever a key asset for car makers and a strategic challenge in terms of deployment, robustness, scalability and quality of service. Cars, in the process of becoming autonomous, turn into the ultimate connected objects and open a new area of services but they also become interesting targets for cyber attacks. Ensuring the security of the vehicles with field-proven and industrial security solutions is critical.

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SecurING the Mobility experience OF DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS

Only available on luxury vehicle models until just a few years ago, connectivity is now becoming more widespread, including on entry-level models. Connected cars – and all the new mobility services they make possible such as emergency calls, preventive maintenance, updating of road maps or onboard Internet – currently represent a strategic challenge for car makers, in terms of both building brand loyalty and new revenue streams. But all these new services must not be at the expense of drivers’ security and safety.

The connected car is not only one of the most elaborate systems today from a technical point of you, it is also at the center of a new ecosytem play between car makers, Tier 1 suppliers, mobile network operators and service providers. To combine connectivity, services and security in vehicles, car makers need solutions adapted to their industrial quality requirements, scalable to mass production, and trusted by their partners.

OT supports them in integrating security by design to the vehicles at the global connectivity level for in and out communications, at the level of the different car sub-systems, and for the implementation of critical services such as keyless car entry, car sharing or in-car payments. The end-to-end offer designed by OT for the car industry includes:

  • Automotive-grade embedded secure elements, including the eUICC DakOTa Auto and the eSE PEARL by OT®
  • Secure platforms, including M-Connect subscription manager and IoT Cloud service enablement platform
  • Full support for the integration and implementation of these new connectivity and security technologies



    OT provides car makers with a market-proven and industrial connectivity management solution to ensure vehicle connectivity over time in a flexible and trusted way with their MNO partners. Already deployed, this solution answers the automotive specific connectivity use cases (subscription issuance and lifecycle management, eCall, ERA-GLONASS, etc).


    Leveraging its recognized security expertise, OT supports car makers and Tier 1 suppliers in incorporating security by design in vehicles. OT’s solutions secure short range (NFC, Bluetooth) and long range (3G, 4G, etc) communications with vehicles. They also provide future-proof V2V and V2I communications security for autonomous cars.


    Throughout the vehicle lifespan, OT supports car makers, Tier 1 suppliers and service providers in keeping vehicle firmware updated securely over-the-air and by enabling them to detect intrusion attempts and prevent security flaws with counter measures. OT also secures innovative services turning cars into the ultimate mobility devices, such as keyless car entry.

They trust us

We are very proud to partner with Daimler, one of the world’s most successful and innovative automotive companies, at the forefront of the fast growing connected cars environment. With our eUICC®, DIM® DakOTa Auto and our M-Connect solution, we are enabling Daimler to provide its clients with an enhanced in-car experience. We are fully dedicated to help automakers like Daimler stay one-step ahead with additional mobility and security-related services in the future.


We are pleased to have collaborated with OT and to have associated our know-how and expertise with theirs to address the national eCall regulation since its enforcement. Thanks to OT’s eUICC, our TCUs connect Russian car drivers to the Vimpelcom network for everyday services and can automatically switch to the emergency service network to send an alert in the event of an accident. We are supplying our products to the leading automotive assembly plants of Russia and it is important for us to serve car makers with the best connectivity technology.


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